Every so often a new recording comes along that is so exceptional it deserves immediate induction into the Classical Hall of Fame. This is such a recording. This recording is truly a five-gold-star achievement, and one that I don’t expect to be matched anytime soon. This is a must-have recommendation.
Jerry Dubins Fanfare 2010

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This new recording of Beethoven Triple Concerto is a joyous affair. It differs from my early reference versions in that the soloists have for years played as part of the Poseidon Trio and therefore know each other from the sustained intimacy of chamber music playing. Their musical equivalent of conversation, symposium and badinage benefits from that familiarity with each other and is not dissipated by the interaction with an orchestra. In terms of modern sound blended with artistic insight, poignancy and exciting performance values this is a version to have. That the recordings were made from live concerts creates no problems at all. The Beethoven has rarely if ever sounded as good - try the Polacca finale. Congratulations all-round. This deserves to do very well indeed.
Rob Barnett 2010

Trio Poseidon has delivered fresh and affecting performances of Beethoven's "Triple Concerto" and Brahms' "Double Concerto" that stand among the finest ever recorded. With a tight ensemble, buoyant tempos, and unabashed joy, the Swedish piano trio has caught the spirit of Beethoven's unique concerto, as well as fulfilling its technical demands.
Jim Leonard, All Music Guide 2010

Comments from the swedish radio program ”CD-revyn”:
International and continental sound. The Poseidon Trio was compared to the famous recording with Karajan, Richter, Oistrach and Rostropovich. Instead of three soloists there is a piano trio playing on the Chandos CD.
–Brilliant, was the convinced comment.
”CD-revyn” in Swedish Radio P2 2010

“Formed in 2002, the Swedish ensemble Trio Poseidon has, according to promotional blurb, played ‘in great variety of constellations.’ I wonder how they were received on their tour through Andromeda. Funning aside, these three young players give ample evidence of being highly accomplished musicians. In the Haydn A-Major trio the Poseidons catch the barn dance humor of the concluding Allegro to perfection, complete with swing-your-partner and clucking hens.The latter’s Phantasie in A Minor for piano trio, a single-movement piece, deserves to be better known than its three listed recordings would indicate it is. The current Poseidon version is superb and preferable to the Chandos CD. The piece is far from the idylloic landscapes associated with the English pastoralists, but in the main it still bears the brush strokes of a nature painting; and the Poseidon play it beautifully. The red meat of the program, of course, is the big-boned Brahms trio in B Major. I’ve had occasion to review previously submitted recordings of this work, all of which were well recieved. The current Poseidon entry emerges as one of the best among the best. Their tone is opulent, and their playing appropriately passionate and refulgent. The fairly close recording is richly detailed but with sufficient air around the players to give their sound room to breathe and bloom. This is a tremendously impressive release. If you see this CD, grab it.“
Jerry Dubins Fanfare May/June 2007

“Formed in 2002, the Trio Poseidon brings together three talented Swedish musicians with established high reputations.They make an excellent, responsive team, modifying their playing to suit the varying needs of these three very different composers. If in Haydn the sound of the piano seems rather light, almost like a pianoforte, Lundberg finds ample weight in the Brahms, even though the Swedish Radio recording makes the piano textures more transparent than they often are in this repertory. The Brahms brings warmth and passion in the playing with no hint at all of self-indulgence, each player responding to the others’ individual phrasing. The third movement Adagio is played with totally sustained concentration. The finale surges infectiously. It makes one wish that the Poseidon Trio had recorded more Ireland; but much of attraction of this disc is the very variety of the programme, giving it a unique and valuable place in the piano trio repertory.”
Edward Greefield Grammophone March 2007

“Trio Poseidon was formed in 2002 and consists of three prominent young swedish musicians. The trio shows its width and ability to adapt their playing according to the music style they are dealing with. The mature Haydn is given a light dance like expression with the stringency the stile requires. Ireland is poetic as well as temperamental. Gunnarsson’s spacious, singing cello tone and Trobäck’s somewhat melancolic violin sound contributes to the right mood of the piece. In Brahms, Trio Poseidon manage to keep the youthful expression of the piece and give it a passionate and organic interpretation. This is a very enjoyable disc which I hereby warmly recommend.”
Torvald Larsson OPUS 2007/9